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Window Geeks: Master Class

Master Class

Does the following specification look familiar to you? 

“Windows and doors shall meet all requirements in the Building Code.”  

Maybe you’ve seen it in the past without giving it much thought, or maybe it’s something you specify in building plans all the time. It seems simple enough, which is why if you’re not a window manufacturer, it often gets overlooked.  

In the world of window and door design and manufacturing, the word “ALL” actually poses a major challenge. It is a very common specification clause that leaves a manufacturer responsible for making an educated guess on priorities and taking on a lot of the risk associated with the success of a project. 

What is available? What has been tested? Are we willing to invest in the extra R&D to see if it is possible to achieve these results? If we want to achieve X, are we willing to sacrifice Y?

Finding these answers is often left to the manufacturer. The reality is, the truest answers that will provide the best results will come from the builder/designer with the end user in mind. As Window Geeks, reputable window manufacturers and building envelope specialists, it is our duty to equip our industry with the understanding of what’s possible with modern window design and how to apply building code properly.  

The Building Code is not an instruction manual on how to build a home – it is a guideline for the minimum safety, health, accessibility, fire, and structural protection requirements of buildings, as well as energy and water efficiency. Because it is not an instruction manual, there is more flexibility in how it can be applied. 

What are the Building Code Requirements? 

The term “All” includes:  

  • Wind Load
  • Acoustics
  • Thermal Performance
  • Air Tightness
  • Water Tightness
  • Ease of Use
  • Fire Egress & Ingress
  • Wildfire Regulations
  • Combustibility
  • Deflection Limits
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Fall Protection

Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no way a window and door can meet ALL requirements of the Building Code simultaneously without trade-offs.  

So here it is!

Welcome to our Master Class on how to specify windows and doors! This handy, extensive series is designed to show the logic behind specifying windows from a window manufacturer’s perspective, and will help you improve efficiency and understanding when it comes to your projects. 

We’re going to be sharing white papers and results from our R&D team, webinar dates, and how-to guides. We will also take it to the next level, providing recommendations on how compliance items are typically met and common solutions when there is conflict, forming a useful reference guide for designers. 

Sign up today for the Window Geeks: Master Class series! Stay tuned to become a window and door expert and save yourself time and money going forward. 

Written by: Jacquie Vandermeer , January 5, 2023
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