Doors can be the centerpiece of your home. At Centra Windows, we offer a diverse range of door products that are designed and crafted with durability, energy efficiency, comfort, and security in mind. Explore our door options and find the perfect match for your home. With Centra doors, you’re guaranteed quality.

Our Doors

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Choosing new doors can be a big decision. It might seem intimidating, but don’t worry! Centra Windows is here to help. For now, you can call us the Door Geeks.

Our Collections

Centra has a range of door collections, each using the latest modern technology to keep you secure and comfortable in your home.

Classic Patio Slider

Patio slider doors are classics, making the most of stunning views and bringing the outside in. Your room will be transformed by large glass panels that will flood it with natural light. Centra Windows’ classic patio slider doors will enhance your space by making it feel larger, while still providing air flow, home comfort, and energy efficiency.

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West Coast Slider

Our West Coast Slider offers a grand twist on an old classic. Centra’s West Coast Slider has four large glass panels instead of the traditional two, with the patio door bookended by two beautiful fixed windows designed to flood a room with light. With high-performance glass coatings, you’ll still experience elevated comfort and efficiency.

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Lift & Slide Patio Doors

Make life easy. These top-hung doors are designed to open with as little effort as possible without compromising on security and durability.

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Cenergy French Doors

Lighten up the room. These doors feature a low-profile frame and a great use of our high-performance glass to maximize the sense of light, space and air flow.

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Traditional French Doors

Add a touch of class. This take on French doors brings this elegant favourite into the 21st century, ensuring they have the same staying power as the style itself.

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Get inspired by our many incredible door options!

Seeing is believing! We’ve put together an inspiration gallery to show just how much of a difference our high-performance products can make to your home. Take a picturesque journey through our best work and get inspired about doors!

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