Traditional Garden Doors

Garden doors are a beloved, timeless option offering endless aesthetic appeal. They’re a multifunctional choice that have been bridging the gap between indoors and outdoors for generations. Centra Windows’ Traditional Garden Doors breathe life into any room, enhancing your views and natural light and providing great levels of home comfort. The stylish doors are energy-efficient high performers that can be relied on for many decades to come.’

Premium Features


Reinforced steel frame


Full-length lock block


Multi-point locking system


Fiberglass skin


Hydroshield technology

Style & Performance

Centra Windows wanted a product with all the style and none of the downsides. These garden doors, much like newer French doors, are preferable to wooden alternatives as they provide more insulation value. By sealing out moisture, they are also far less prone to degradation and rot.

Durable & Secure

Everyone deserves to feel secure in their home. Centra’s garden doors are designed with safety as a top priority and they’re as sturdy and durable as possible, providing capacity for extra security features.

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Seeing is believing! We’ve put together an inspiration gallery to show just how much of a difference our high-performance products can make to your home. Take a picturesque journey through our best work and get inspired about doors!

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