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Grille Options

Looking to introduce some refined elegance to your windows? Many Alberta homeowners incorporate grilles into their new windows to achieve a unique look ...
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Available grille options

When it comes to window replacement, grilles are an easy and effective way to be expressive, introduce style, and add instant charm. They’re an excellent and timeless aesthetic option that have long been popular in Alberta, adding a splash of personality and character to any home.

We offer internal grilles between the panes which make your new windows easier to clean, as well as external grids in custom patterns that provide a more textured look. You can also opt for our Simulated Divided Lights (SDL) style, a combination of both.

We have single or double hanging patterns as well as a full grille configuration. If you want to add a touch of classic sophistication, we have a heritage grille option that is perfect for you.

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There’s no better way to understand what difference our windows will make to your home than by seeing them in action. Dive into our inspiration gallery to get an idea of the amazing work our Window Geeks have been doing!

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