How to Remove Screens in Awning or Push Out Style Windows

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The screens on awning windows are designed to slide down so you can open your window, and then slide back up into place.

Sometimes you may have to remove the screen, to clean it for example. Here we’ll show you how to do it properly.

Removing the screen

Carefully slide a putty knife in the side of the window going from bottom to top. Eventually you will depress the spring that is holding the screen in place. You can then pop the bottom of the screen out of the window frame.

Continue up the same side with your putty knife until you depress the upper spring. This will allow you to pop the rest of the screen from the window track.

Top Tip: If you’re removing the screen for cleaning, using a low-pressure hose is typically a good way to do so.

Remember screens can be delicate, so keep your grip on the frame and try not to force it when removing.

Reinstalling the screen

To put the screen back in place, insert the side without springs into the window frame. Then use your putty knife to depress the upper spring while sliding the top of the screen back into place. Carefully slide the putty knife down the edge of the screen until you are pushing on the spring at the bottom. The window screen should pop right back in and install is complete.

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