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Benefits of Upgrading All Your Windows at Once


"Should we upgrade a few windows now or get them all done at the same time?"

It's a question we get asked often. There is no right or wrong answer, but there are significant benefits to getting all of your windows replaced all at once. 

The top three reasons are:

Cost Savings = You will save significant money on labour and material costs by installing all of your windows at once. Splitting your window renovations up into smaller stages results in multiple set up and clean-up costs. Completing the full upgrade once requires fewer visits and less labour, making it a more cost-effective decision.

Comfort = Achieve consistent performance in your home and start feeling more comfortable throughout the entirety of your house.

Energy Savings = When you upgrade to our energy-efficient vinyl windows, most customers notice savings on their Hydro Bill. By upgrading all of your windows at once, you will maximize your savings on energy bills, saving you money immediately for years to come.

Don't believe us? See this case study on how new Centra Windows resulted in Hydro bill savings for our customer.

You know you want to upgrade your windows, but you’re not sure how to start the renovations. Window upgrades are a great way to improve your quality of life at home and increase your property value, but how much should you take on at once?

It’s important to understand the benefits of completing your window upgrades all at once versus in stages, as you will experience the maximum savings in energy and resource costs and overall comfort by upgrading all your windows at one time. The cost-efficient method is to complete your window replacement at one time. A general rule of thumb is “the more you buy, the more you save.” In most cases, the cost per window is a lot more expensive when completing in stages.

Cost Savings:

Getting your windows replaced requires installation teams to properly assess the home as a whole system. Rather than have a team of installers take over your home various times over a few months or years, our installers can complete the job within 4-5 business days. Completing upgrades one floor or one room at a time results in multiple set up and cleanup costs. Completing the full upgrade at once would require fewer visits, fewer labour hours and less equipment, thereby being more cost-effective overall. The window upgrade costs less in the long run because it is efficient.

The raw materials required to replace windows go up in price year after year, which will result in more money out of your pocket in the end. The decision to wait is costly based on the costs required to produce the supplies needed for the install.


One of the several reasons to upgrade your windows all at once is the ability to achieve consistency in performance and comfort. If you decide to do the front of your home or the top floor, the discrepancy in temperature, sound, and comfort will be significant and your home will be uncomfortable.

Although separate from each other, your windows, doors, heating or cooling system, insulation, ventilation, and siding make your house operate as a system. In order to keep your home operating at peak efficiency, all factors need to be functioning together in order to achieve the best return on your investment. 

Energy Savings:

Although starting with rooms that you spend the most time in (bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, etc.) is a great way to minimize the number of expenses at one time, a large benefit to upgrading your windows at the same time is the energy savings.  As mentioned earlier, your home is a complete system and changing windows in your home greatly increases the performance of your home’s envelope (walls and insulation).  When your home is performing efficiently, it saves you energy costs and in turn, will cost you less to heat your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer.   


Home renovations should be an exciting time and windows are an investment that will boost your home’s value and significantly improve your home’s curb appeal. They will also increase the amount of natural light in your home, soundproofing and increase energy efficiency. Windows are a functional upgrade and whether you are simply trying to improve your home’s appearance or save energy, upgrading your windows at one time is a great renovation project that is sure to pay dividends.

The initial cost may seem like a lot but you are saving more money upfront compared to the costs over 6-8 months. The cost per window will not only increase the longer you wait to upgrade your windows, but your total bill has the potential to be 10-15% higher if you completed the upgrade over a year ago.

What if I can’t afford to upgrade all my windows at once?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.  With financing options available, through our financing partner, FinanceIt, you can complete your window home renovation project without dipping into your savings.  Right now take advantage of our 3-months no payment, no interest on all supply and install orders with us. 

We are your certified Window Geeks

Centra Windows is not only the manufacturer but also the installer of its product, which enables us to offer a full warranty, eliminating any confusion between product performance and installation. We view the house as a system and understand how each of the elements must work correctly to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Contact our local Employee Owners at 1-888-534-3333 or send us an email at for more information about this topic and many more. You can also sign up for our biweekly newsletter, providing all the tips and tricks about the window industry.

Written by: Les Ferris , August 6, 2021
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