Case Study: How New Centra Windows meant Hydro Bill Savings for a Centra Customer

We recently replaced 17 new windows in a home in Victoria with our Centra windows. This customer relies on electric heating to keep their home warm. The only change the homeowner made to their home was upgrading their windows with Centra. These are the results from their recent December 2016 Hydro bill:

Here is a chart of this customer's daily hydro consumption during December 2016 in comparison to December 2015:


Upgrading your windows is an great investment to improve the value of your home. Interested in upgrading your windows? See what promotions we currently have running.


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*These are the hydro energy bill savings that this particular Centra Windows customer experienced. We do not guarantee that you will achieve the same cost and energy savings. Actual energy savings may vary for you dependent on your level of energy consumption and habits.


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