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Greg Martineau Projects joins the Centra Windows Family!

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In The News

Greg Martineau Projects joins the Centra Windows Family!

In The News

Centra Windows: One of Canada's Best Managed Companies in 2023

Choose Canadian-Made Windows with Centra

Employee Ownership

We all want to support local when possible – and there are far more benefits than just the feel-good factor. To celebrate Canada Day, your Window Geeks are looking at the fantastic reasons to support a locally owned and operated Canadian company that manufactures its products in the Great White North.

Supporting Local Families

One of the most obvious benefits of choosing Canadian-made and locally owned and operated is supporting and empowering families in your community. Doing so creates a sustainable economic cycle, keeps dollars local, and helps other Canadian businesses thrive! These businesses are able to employ more people, and the local economy – and all of us – benefit in a big way.

Knowledge of the Local Climate

Everywhere has its own unique climate, and when it comes to a product like windows that are designed for home comfort, understanding local needs is crucial. Do you experience the high heat of the Okanagan? The cold and hail of Alberta? The rain of Vancouver? You’ll want the right products for your area – windows made for your climate, as well as knowledgeable experts who are ready and willing to guide you to make your project the best it can be.

Going Green

It’s top of mind for so many of us, and we’re all trying to be more environmentally conscious. So why opt for a product that has been shipped halfway around the world when there’s a local alternative that is more than likely superior? Transporting products or parts over long distances contributes to climate change, with the WEF estimating that global freight accounts for a substantial 7-8% of emissions. Choose something manufactured in your community instead – like high-performance Centra Windows.

The Personal Touch

What’s better when it comes to a major investment in your home – an arms-length company with little accountability or care, or a 100% Employee Owned operation based nearby? The latter is going to win every time. With a company like Centra Windows, you know you’re more than just another customer. When we say Centra is where customers become family, we mean it. We’re here for you, we’re just down the road, and our industry-leading warranty backs that up.

Understanding Community Needs

Local ownership means a company like Centra is deeply rooted in the community. That means an appreciation for local needs and a tireless drive to help those around us. We do this through our Centra Cares foundation – which has raised well over a million dollars for charities in BC and Alberta. We help local children, families, people in need, those suffering due to localized issues such as homelessness, floods, and wildfires, and so much more.

If you’re in need of renovations or building a new home in BC or Alberta, choose Canadian windows from a locally owned and operated company. Choose Centra Windows!

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Written by: Les Ferris , June 30, 2023
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