Employee Ownership made a difference

“The reason I chose Centra was because I go with my gut feeling. They made a great impression and provided me with the trust I was looking for. The fact that they are Employee Owned tells me that they are fully invested into their work. Bryan Richardson is doing a great job and Centra is lucky to have him. Plus they are local and operated in British Columbia!"

Penticton homeowner Susan Driussi reflects on her experience with Centra Windows and Estimator Bryan Richardson. Our team upgraded 25 windows and one patio door, using our 6800 and 2900 series. It was a full frame removal along with LoE366/i89 glass, which qualifies for the current government rebates.

Centra is the manufacturer and installer of its product, which enables us to offer a full warranty, eliminating any confusion between product performance and installation. We view the house as a system and understand how each part must work correctly to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Feel free to contact info@centra.ca for information about this topic and much more.

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