Energy Code Lingo can be frustrating...Window Geeks to the rescue!

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Are you frustrated with Energy Code Lingo? You are not alone and here is why.

We often hear grumblings in the industry on how the Energy Code has impacted costs of building within the new energy standards. There are areas that may be more confusing than they need to be and we’re here to break it all down. Designers like to specify window performance using U values. This is amusing as they use numbers like U0.25 or U1.40 with no unit of measure behind them.  To the average person these numbers are very different, but what if I told you they were the same. 

For the time being, that makes no sense however the inner Window Geek is about to come out in full force…let me explain.

U0.25 is imperial and measured in Btu/h·ft2·F, while U1.40 metric and measured in W/m2·K.  Make sense yet? The reality of the situation is that we have your back and areas of confusion can easily be answered with the right team.  Our Window Geeks can do this conversion in their head.  The reason why the relationship between is imperial and metric is 5.678.  Kind of an easy number to remember!



So the next time your designer or energy advisor lists off a U value, make sure they specify the units of measure behind the number. At the design stage of your project, speaking with experts will allow you to better understand and appreciate how each component of your building envelope and mechanical systems are going to work together to achieve the overall desired building performance


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