Experience Year Round Comfort at the PNE Prize Home

PNE Prize Home with Centra Windows

Centra Windows visited the PNE Prize Home alongside CTV Vancouver to discuss the latest technology available for homeowners. The PNE Prize Home installed windows that focus on home comfort and efficiency, allowing for optimal temperature control and enhanced functionality. Watch our latest segment with CTV Vancouver and learn how homeowners can upgrade their existing homes with the latest technology in windows.

With all the modernization in today’s world, is there technology available that can lead to improved Home Performance?

Your Home can be a lot like a car, except many of us choose to live in 30+ year old homes but would likely not buy a car that was this old.  This is because we all understand a lot about the improved technology and efficiency of cars. For our Homes on the other hand, we tend to struggle with understanding how to achieve good home performance. The PNE Prize Home was built using a building standard referred to as Net Zero Ready, which is an advanced building energy standard.  Its standards like these that create innovative ideas within the building industry which result in improving a home’s performance and ultimately its comfort. This is crucial for homeowners and these upgrades can take place for existing homes and new construction. 

Of course windows are a very important part of a home’s performance.  What can windows do for a home today that they couldn’t do 30 years ago?

A window in the past was typically selected for a home the same way we selected a 2x4.  As there were very little options, it tended to be about price only.  They didn’t provide much value to a home’s performance or comfort.  As windows improved with double and triple glazing they began to address the cold winter season, but could not address overheating summer season.  This is what has changed the most within the window industry. Today a window can be one of the single biggest components to creating a comfortable and efficient home.  If selected correctly, windows will keep your home warmer during the winter, reduce drafts into the home, and will keep the home cooler in the summer, achieving all season performance. Not all window manufactures provide this technology so it's important to complete your research.

What specifically is unique about the window technology used in the PNE prize home?

The focus is on the homeowners comfort and the technology selected is designed specifically around this.  With the large windows, there is a risk of the home overheating in the summer, especially on south facing elevations.  In the past your option would be to add an air conditioning system or simply just dealing with uncomfortable summers. These are Band-Aid solutions that will only prolong the issues your home is dealing with. The windows in the PNE Prize Home have a unique invisible coating on glass.  We call this a LoE coating. Although LoE coatings are nothing new, these windows have an advanced triple coating specifically designed to reduce the amount of summer heat from entering in the home. Selecting the right type of glass is integral towards achieiving comfort in your home. 

Is this technology available for existing homes?

Yes! The Low Energy Building Standards are creating innovative products that are readily available for both new buildings and existing ones.  In fact, we find the higher performance options are more popular for renovations as homeowners value the idea making their current home comfortable all year long. Not only does it increase the home’s curb appeal but the benefits around temperature, efficiency, functionality, and overall comfort are immeasurable.

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