For the first time ever in BC, Vinyl Frame windows are used on a 26-storey high rise building

Portrait of Imperial Towers after the Centra Windows renovation with brand new vinyl windows installed throughout the tower.

Do you know that Centra is installing vinyl frame windows in a 26 storey high rise building in downtown Vancouver? Yes, that’s right.  Vinyl framed windows, not aluminum framed as most would think is required. 

How is this possible?

There is actually a requirement in the BC Building Code and Vancouver Building Bylaw that permits the use of Vinyl framed windows in what typically would be referred to as non-combustible construction such as concrete and steel. It is pretty simple actually.  First, the windows need adequate separation from each other with non-combustible material, such as concrete in this case. Second, the distance horizontally and vertically must exceed 1 meter and can include the length of items such as deck extensions, etc. and last, the glazing area must not exceed 40% of the exterior wall area. 

So why is this important?

Well, in any window replacement project it only makes sense to utilise the most energy efficient product at the best possible value. What vinyl frame windows offer as opposed to aluminum framed windows is a greater energy performance or better U-value (Learn more with this blog titled: What is U-value and why it is important?). This is because the vinyl material is less conductive than the aluminum frame windows. 

So how can you improve product performance in your project? 

Give me a call and we can propose a plan.


Anton Van Dyk

Vice President of Sales & Business Development




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