Getting Triple Glazed Performance out of Double Glazing

Over the last several years we have seen the energy requirements for windows and doors increase.  These changes are across the board.  From the BC Building Code adding Section 9.36 – Energy Requirements, to the City of Vancouver with its U1.4 requirement, updated Energy Star  criteria, and the discussion of future stretch codes which will challenge the market even more.

Fortunately Centra’s history in the window business has always been focused on manufacturing product for the advancing market place.  Our experience in the home renovation marketplace has been focused on updating existing homes through programs such as BC Hydro’s Powersmart and LiveSmart BC.  At the time of these programs, windows and doors were required to exceed minimum standards and in some regions of BC, required a U1.4 rated window. As a result of these programs, Centra created an advanced line of windows product using specific LoE coatings and unique frame design to increase the performance of a double and triple glazed windows.  And this was almost a decade ago.

Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to refine this technology with advanced new types of LoE coatings, upgraded spacer bars and even more advanced frames with added internal chambers.  As a result of these options, Centra has modeled over 300 glass and frame scenarios in an effort to find the optimized performance with the most cost effective solution.  What we found was that a high performance window can outperform an entry level triple glazed window.

We also discovered that there is no such thing as just a “triple glazed” window.  By adding 3 layers of glass, you have created 5 surfaces that LoE coatings can be applied too.  This has created some really cool results in high performance and with the right creative approach with the right coating on the right surface we can get close to U0.8.  So consider this the next time you want to just specify triple glazed windows.  Did you ask yourself what the desired performance level should be?

Centra would like to share this information with you as we feel it is critical for all designers, builders and building managers to understand the differences in product design and how it leads to performance.  As a result, Centra is launching its lunch and learn tour.  You have the option to come to us and take advantage of a factory tour, or we can come to your office.

Please contact for information about our lunch and learn tour or to book a date and time.  

Image of Anton Van Dyk, Centra Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Anton Van Dyk

Centra Langley Vice President of Sales & Business Development

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