Getting Triple Glazed Performance out of Double Glazing

As energy requirements for windows continue to advance, the demand for higher performance windows is far greater than ever before. Many believe the only way to achieve the energy code is to use triple glazing in windows and that is not the case. We’re here to explain the truth behind the myth and illustrate how to achieve triple glazed performance out of double glazed windows.

When speaking about a window, it’s no longer a conversation with just a frame and glass. LoE coatings in combination with good frame design can achieve triple-glazed-like performance in a double-glazed window. Centra’s double glazed windows provides a better performance versus triple glazed standard windows but with less weight and a lower cost. You will experience an easier installation while still enjoying all the qualities of a high performing window.

For starters, it’s important to understand what a U-value means. U-values measure how effective a material is as an insulator. The energy efficiency of windows is measured with a ‘U-value’ and the lower this value is, the better.

The major differences in performance between double and triple glazing is the selection of glass types, gas filling, cavity width, overall unit thickness, and of course, cost. Single glazing has a U-value of 5 and a new modern double glazing has a U-value of 1.6, which is largely due to the advanced methods of double glazing compared to older models. The cost of triple glazing is much higher than double, whereas the improved U-value is not very large. With all this in mind, Centra has been ahead of the game.

Over the last decade, we have had the opportunity to upgrade this technology with new types of LoE coatings, upgraded spacer bars and even more advanced frames with added internal chambers.  As a result of these options, Centra has modeled over 300 glass and frame scenarios in an effort to find the best performance coupled with a cost effective solution.  What we found was that a high performance window can outperform an entry level triple glazed window. Sure you can spend all the extra money for triple glazed windows but you won’t be recuperating the benefits.

We also discovered that there is no such thing as just a “triple glazed” window.  By adding 3 layers of glass, you have created 5 surfaces that LoE coatings can be applied too.  This has created some really cool results in high performance and with the right creative approach, paired with the right coating on the right surface, we can get close to U-value of 0.8.

If you are serious about getting the best quality, best energy-savings and best value in today’s window replacement market, then you need to do your homework. Centra is more than a window company, we’re leaders in building envelope education and it’s important for us to share this information with homeowners like yourself. Understanding the differences in product design and how it leads to performance can save you energy and money.

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