Glenmore Fountains upgrade over 400 Windows

“We knew our windows were failing. We began to look at the cost analysis and it made sense to replace the windows. We brought in three companies and got quotes but we were really impressed by Centra’s presentation, loved their product, the installation process, and the lifetime warranty.”

Collen Groat is the Strata President for Glenmore Fountains in Kelowna, B.C. She led the project for the residents and decided it was time to upgrade the windows. The residents were dealing with multiple issues, including condensation, noise control and most importantly, extreme temperatures. The new windows have resolved all of these issues and provided homeowners with significant cost savings to their hydro bills.

Our team is so happy to have played an integral role in the transformation of this multi-family complex in Kelowna. The Centra crew installed 392 Windows, 32 Sliding Doors and 32 Swing doors for all 32 units. The installation process was complete in three months and Colleen and the rest of the homeowners are all smiles. Hear more about this story and all the details as Colleen takes us through the journey, illustrating her experience with Centra.

Most homeowners understand why people like to shop at Costco. Buying products in bulk makes a lot of financial sense. Did you know that the same "bulk cost savings" principle applies to upgrading your windows? When you have multiple Strata homeowners or the entire Strata complex upgrade their windows together, you will see significant cost savings!


  • Increase the comfort of your home with energy-efficient windows. 
  • Enhance the curb appeal and value of your complex by modernizing with new windows.
  • Access Centra's flexible and customized repayment plans for Stratas. Spread your repayments over the life of your windows!
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