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A few weeks ago on our LinkedIn & Twitter initiative #TwoCentsTuesday, the Window Geeks asked what factors affect the maximum size of an awning window. Some of our readers believed it was down to hardware alone, but the vast majority said it was a combination of hardware, glass, and desired function. We agree, now let’s take a look at why…

Is a bigger window possible for your project?

If you really want to go for a larger awning window because you like the aesthetics then it’s most likely possible, but there are major caveats to keep in mind. You can build pretty much whatever you want, but you need to ask yourself (and your Window Experts) whether it is going to perform as desired.

When it comes to awning windows, there are standard sizes for a reason and they tend to be used in particular areas such as bathrooms because of how they’re designed and how they function. If they cannot adequately perform that function because they are oversized then the question becomes whether they’re right for that area at all.

Depending on the choice of lever or roto, some awning windows may simply be too tall for their hardware. If you like your windows to open, and more importantly stay open, then size will be a factor. If you want a larger opening for extra ventilation, you may have to adjust your expectations and go for a standard size window, or a number of them so you can still have the extra light and views that a larger window would offer.

The expense is also worth considering. If you want to go for a window with a non-standard size, the extra work and materials that go into it will make it more costly, likely by a considerable amount. There may be other, more cost-effective solutions that can achieve something close to the desired look without the potential performance issues.

Making the right decision

We understand that different people have different priorities. There are those out there who do prioritize aesthetics over performance, and that’s perfectly acceptable. At the end of the day windows are a big investment, and it’s our job as your Window Experts to ensure you’re fully informed and able to weigh different options with the knowledge to make the right choice for you and your project.

We Are Your Certified Window Geeks

We love to talk windows! We’re here to help, so if you have a question about your window project all you have to do is reach out. Contact us early in the process so that our experts can make sure everything is correct right from the get-go.

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Written by: Les Ferris , April 14, 2022
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