Investing in LoE Windows worth it!

With energy prices seemingly always on the rise, homeowners are always searching for opportunities to cut energy consumption. Upgrading your windows is a major step towards improving the energy efficiency of your home. Whether you live in a warm or cooler climate, energy-efficient windows will limit the transfer of heat through the glass, meaning your home stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is when Low Emissivity (LoE) coatings joins the discussion and as you will quickly learn, investing in Low-E Windows is worth it and will provide a positive return on your investment.

LoE coatings are a microscopic coating of silver that is applied to the inside surface of glass that reflects heat back to its source. Its primary focus is how it retains the heat within in your home, reducing your heating costs. But it also works to reflect heat back from the sun, reducing your cooling costs in the summer. This investment will also reduce condensation on those colder days, which will help with maintenance and cleaning costs. This saves on avoidable utility expenses while generating a more comfortable living environment.

With a climate that is often demanding, playing with the amount of LoE coatings allows you to select the combination that suits your climate and maintains a comfortable temperature throughout your home. Glass technology has come a long way over the years and knowing how these coating features work can benefit your windows, maximize the comfort levels in your home and save you time and money.You will want to speak with a Centra representative who can point you in the right direction and provide tips on what works best for your home, in terms of durability, application, location, strength, and overall efficiency. For more information about the temperature in your home, click here to watch this video! 

LoE windows are definitely worth the investment and here are a few examples of the glass coatings that we offer for our windows. 

LoE 270 coating: Provides advanced climate controlling performance in all seasons. This coating is standard on all Centra windows.

Neat Glass coating: Designed to provide lower maintenance glass that “virtually” cleans itself and is very low maintenance.

LoE 366 coating:  Recommended for windows that have high sun exposure. This coating will prevent excess heat from coming into your home, without affecting natural light entering. A scenario to consider this coating would be on any of your South-facing windows in your home because they face frequent and direct sunlight.

LoE 366 + i89 coating: Specifically in warm climates with high sun exposure. For example, if you live in a warm region of British Columbia’s interior like Kelowna, you may want to consider this coating on select windows in your home.

Laminated Glass: Designed to reduce street noise and improve soundproofing. Another benefit is security and safety with this glass.

Seemingly-simple decisions like what glass coatings to choose for your new windows can have a long-lasting impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Which is why we want you to be better equipped with the knowledge to set your home renovation up for success!

Centra Windows is a local manufacturer and installation company of custom, energy-efficient windows. We pride ourselves on being window consultants that will make sure you get the best product for your specific home. We love talking windows, so if you have any questions we want to hear from you!

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