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The BC Building Code has established the minimum requirements a building must legally meet in terms of quality and safety. When you think about it – that’s kind of scary, right? “Welcome to your new home. It is JUST legal.” Yikes.

We Window Geeks may be going out on a limb here, but we’re willing to bet most occupants don’t want their buildings to only meet minimum standards. That’s especially true with the climate crisis at the forefront of people’s minds – the push toward passive homes has certainly become more apparent. But with everything going on in the world today, costs are also a major consideration.

It is easy enough to say “pursue higher standards of safety in performance” without actually knowing what that means for a project. We’ve seen window details specified with the intention of improving performance but without a thorough understanding of windows and trade-offs, and we can say that it almost always drives up costs unnecessarily.

If you know anything about the Window Geeks, you’d know that we don’t just like to pursue the status quo when it comes to window performance and safety. We’re constantly pushing the building envelope (see what we did there? Sorry, couldn’t help ourselves…) to set new standards and to help educate and align our industry.

We recognized the need for our partners to have specialty engineering as a resource and developed a team to help support you in leading the movement toward higher-performing homes. Having specialty engineering means we can stay ahead when it comes to product innovation, testing, and quality control. More importantly, we have the skillset to educate our industry partners on window performance and how to spec windows properly.

The Benefits of Our Specialty Engineers

There is no one-spec fits all! Having our own specialty engineering team helps us consult and support you in truly finding the best options. Use our expertise on building codes to advise whether changes may be necessary to your projects in order to maintain compliance. We are able to advise when prescribed glass requirements may be excessive, allowing you to funnel that money elsewhere, providing more value to the end user.

The Importance of Windows in Passive Home Design

The wall assembly is by far the most crucial part of building a passive home. The biggest threat or vulnerability with this is its openings – which means windows. Choosing the right windows can make a massive difference when it comes to meeting project goals. Our specialty engineering team can find new configurations to maximize performance. Through daily product testing, we are constantly striving for better solutions and new methods to provide greater customer satisfaction.

As a window specifier, it is your professional responsibility to ensure that the end users’ safety and comfort are paramount. We’d love to discuss the cutting-edge processes we use to help our customers achieve this.

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Written by: Les Ferris , July 21, 2022
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