LoE Coatings that exist in our marketplace

Are you aware of the different types of LoE Coatings that exist in our marketplace? If you're not, be careful. When a window company sells you Windows with LoE, make sure you ask them what type of LoE.

Our Window expert Anton Van Dyk breaks down the key differences when specific coatings are paired with glass. The video measures the amount of infrared heat flowing through the glass. When you’re considering windows with LoE, be very cautious that you’re not purchasing windows with the 180 coating. With this coating, your home may overheat in the summer or may not be an improvement from the existing windows you had.This thermal timelapse illustrates why it is integral to know the differences before making your window investment.

LoE coatings are a microscopic coating of silver that is applied to the inside surface of glass that reflects heat back to its source. Its primary focus is how it retains the heat within in your home, reducing your heating costs. But it also works to reflect heat back from the sun, reducing your cooling costs in the summer. This investment will also reduce condensation on those colder days, which will help with maintenance and cleaning costs. This saves on avoidable utility expenses while generating a more comfortable living environment. To learn more, visit our breakdown of the various types of coatings. 

Seemingly-simple decisions like what glass coatings to  choose for your new windows can have a long-lasting impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Which is why we want you to be better equipped with the knowledge to set your home renovation up for success!

You will want to speak with a Centra representative who can point you in the right direction and provide tips on what works best for your home, in terms of durability, application, location, strength, and overall efficiency. For more information about the temperature in your home, click here to watch this video! Centra Windows is a local manufacturer and installation company of custom, energy-efficient windows. We pride ourselves on being window consultants that will make sure you get the best product for your specific home. We love talking windows, so if you have any questions we want to hear from you! For more on this topic, visit our earlier post about LoE coatings. 

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