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Our trusted partner Cardinal IG recently released its second generation of low-maintenance glass coatings, otherwise known as NEAT+.

The first-generation NEAT has been used on over 50 million windows. NEAT+ is a significant step ahead of the already popular design. The newest formula of silicon and titanium dioxide boasts some qualities that are going to provide further benefits to our customers, especially in the rental and strata markets. The NEAT+ coating is applied to the glass in a process called sputtering, which provides a molecular bond to the raw glass. This bond holds up to your normal window washing cleaners and procedures. Since we're Window Geeks, let's dive into the technical details of this fascinating technology. 

How does it keep glass clean?

NEAT glass is hydrophilic. Hydrophilic materials have a special affinity for water while maximizing the contact with it. When it comes to water on your windows, the NEAT+ will prevent water spots (oxidization) as the droplets will not bead up and dry out as they do on traditional glass. When rain falls on the glass, the water slips away and dries much faster than ordinary glass. It does this because the surface of the glass is super slippery. With this coating, the water will slip away which will result in fewer dust and water spots. It reduces the amount of dirt that comes into contact with your glass, which means your windows stay cleaner for a longer period of time.

NEAT glass is an anti-static coating. It dissipates the static charge on the surface of the glass which prevents dust from building up on the glass. NEAT+ was shown to reduce the build-up of dust by 40% more than its predecessor.

NEAT glass is photoactive. The titanium dioxide layer reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays and causes greenhouse gases and other pollutants that are on the glass to decompose. NEAT+ is 25% more photoactive than the first generation NEAT. Not only will you experience a reduced need to clean the glass, considering its ability to decompose pollutants such as greenhouse gases, but it's also the greener choice. Strata complexes and owners will not only reduce their consumption of water and cleaning products, but they will also save costs on the mobilization of cleaning hardware and machinery, such as pressure washers and boom lifts.

Cost Savings for Rental and Strata buildings

Multi-family Building managers have reported a reduced frequency in the need to have the windows cleaned. Some have reported that their complexes have reduced window cleaning to every three years instead of annually while maintaining the same level of cleanliness. The natural environment does most of the work for you and it results in cleaner windows all year round. Now that’s neat!

If you are interested in discussing how Centra and its inclusion of NEAT glass will benefit your project, please reach out to myself or anyone on our estimating team.

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Written by: Les Ferris , August 30, 2021
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