Neat Glass Technology with high performance windows

Imagine not having to worry about cleaning your windows. Think about the decreased maintenance and workload if you had windows that virtually cleaned themselves. Well you don’t have to imagine anymore as Centra Windows is making this dream a reality with Neat Glass technology. 

You don’t have to worry about cleaning your windows consistently, with Neat Glass technology, the sun and rain will do the job for you. Neat Glass will keep your windows cleaner longer and reduce the amount of time you spend on a maintenance.

Here’s how it works:

Neat Glass is designed to harness the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless.  The dirt on your windows is decomposed by sunlight. Thus when it rains, the decomposed dirt doesn’t stick to the glass as it easily rinses away. The windows virtually clean themselves. 

As a homeowner, you will notice a reduced amount of water spots left on your windows. Neat Glass is much smoother than ordinary glass, as a result, the smooth surface disperses the water, removing dirt quickly and reducing water spots. Unlike plain glass that becomes dirtier when rain drops dry, NEAT glass helps reduce this and reduces the frequency of window cleaning. Neat Glass keeps the windows cleaner for a longer period of time.

The same works for dust, fingerprints and bird droppings, as most of the mess will be washed away with the rain. Titanium Dioxide does a magical thing when exposed to UV light from the sun. It accelerates the decomposition of organic material such as dirt and bird poop. All it takes is a spray of water to wash it away. No more scrubbing. It’s like magic!

The natural environment does most of the work for you and it results in cleaner windows all year round. Now you will spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view and overall comfort of your home. 

Now that’s neat! 

So spread the word, our windows stay cleaner longer. It’s time for a cleaner and clearer view. 

For more information on Neat Glass technology and how it works, contact our local Employee Owners at 1-888-534-3333. Centra is the manufacturer and installer of its product, which enables us to offer a full warranty, eliminating any confusion between product performance and installation. We view the house as a system and understand how each part must work correctly to maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Feel free to contact for information about this topic and much more.


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