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We're so glad Jerry and Elaine fell in love with our windows and we're pleased we're able to make a difference.

"The biggest shock was when we got the power bill. It was steep and that was an indicator that it was time for new windows."

Jarrold and Elaine Seimens enjoy the sunrise and sunset from their amazing view on a day-to-day basis. In fact, the view is the key reason they bought their beautiful Victoria home in 2012. As time passed, that daily routine was hindered because of the cool breeze and they knew it was time to make a change. Keeping costs in check is important but for this couple, comfort is and always will be the number one priority.

"My wife and I were not comfortable. Our kitchen window  is where I noticed it the most, while eating breakfast, we'd always be cold."

Fast forward to February 2018 and the couple has replaced 27 of their windows. The Centra team completed the project in three weeks.

“My goodness, within 24 hours from when the windows went in, I used to sit here and feel the draft coming in, now it's comfortable as can be. It's day and night for the heat as far as I'm concerned.”

Jerry and his wife are so pleased with the difference in temperature and are now comfortably enjoying their breakfast and view every morning.

"We're eating in peace and my wife is smiling. A Happy wife is a happy life."

Solid advice from the man himself. We're so glad Jerry and Elaine fell in love with our windows but more importantly, we're so pleased we're able to make a difference in their lives.

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