Top 5 Reasons to Buy Windows In Winter

Winter Install

There are many misconceptions about installing windows and doors during the winter months. As you can imagine, the first thought that comes to mind in this weather is – who wants to work outside in the rain, snow and freezing temperatures. At Centra we work in any weather condition, and do it with a smile! When looking for a window installer, you need to find out what processes they follow to keep your home from getting cold during installation. Installing replacement windows and doors during the winter season can deliver a number of advantages to both your overall comfort and your wallet. Here are the top 5 reasons to replace your windows in the winter.

1. The installation will take too long. This is actually the opposite, Centra can have most window upgrades done in one day. Depending on how many windows or doors are being installed we can usually complete the installation in one day which will enable you to enjoy your winter without added stress. Should the installation take more than one day, our installers and sales reps will prioritize your installation to ensure that we are utilizing our time to the fullest potential. 

2. The temperatures in my home will dropThis is not entirely true either. Centra always uses our install method where we remove and install windows one at a time as opposed to taking every window out and then installing. Believe it or not, the method of removing all the windows first and then installing the new windows takes even more time to complete than our method! In fact, with Centra's installation method your window is only out for 20 minutes which will not threaten your warm air supply. When you install Centra windows, you will save money on your energy bill so chances are the only difference you will notice is your hydro bill decreasing! 

3. What if it starts snowing?Centra proudly installs in any weather condition so you can enjoy the winter weather without having to worry about a thing!

4. I don’t think window upgrades are in my budget. We totally understand that we're a couple months off from the holiday season, which is usually an expensive time. The good news is that at Centra we are pleased to offer our Centra Financing Program, which enables you to get your new window upgrades without the worry of paying the entire cost upfront. In fact, we have flexible financing options that include no deposit required and as little as $25 per week! Not to mention that our Centra sales representative takes care of all the paperwork for you to ensure a hassle-free experience.

5. Can you discover any other problems? The winter season allows our experts to identify certain issues with your windows. As materials contract in the cold weather and your windows are defenseless to precipitation and other elements, there is a high chance problem areas on your windows will translate in the form of leaks and drafts. Just as you will be able to see and feel these issues, you can count on one of our installers to pinpoint which windows need to be replaced. In colder temperatures, the framing in your home returns to its usual size, thereby ensuring that the replacement allows the most energy efficient installation.

Take a look at a recent review from a customer that decided to complete her upgrade during the cold season.

"I asked Centra to come give me a quote because of their great reviews and they did not disappoint. They went above and beyond and took the time to install their products right. For anyone thinking of delaying their upgrades, it's getting colder and temperatures are freezing. After my installation, the home is toasty and much more comfortable. Take advantage of this time and make sure your home is warm during this tough cold stretch."

For more information regarding our financing program and to get a complimentary consultation on upgrading your windows, feel free to contact us.



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