Working with Wesmont Group

Centra Windows has been operating for almost four decades, so we understand the importance of building strong relationships with other companies. Over the years, Wesmont Group has become a highly valued customer and an integral part of the Centra family.

Supporting Local

We often speak about supporting local businesses (actually, we never stop talking about it), and you don’t get any more local than Wesmont Group. It’s a true example of a family business, with a father, his three sons, and his daughter working together to deliver quality homes to spec. They’re the kind of people you want to root for, and it’s great to watch them succeed and grow.

Wesmont operates in the Fraser Valley, Surrey, and Armstrong, developing and building residential and commercial properties to the highest standards. Over 40 years of construction, they’ve delivered thousands of single and multi-family homes, as well as commercial buildings. The family is there from beginning to end, working closely with the architectural team during the design phase, all the way through to delivery. They also renovate older commercial spaces, significantly improving those buildings for tenants.

Helping the Community

Much like the Centra Cares foundation, Wesmont appreciates their community and do all they can to give back. They recently started the Wesmont Foundation in an effort to help, both locally and internationally, in an effective and efficient way. Words are easy, but their actions show how much they care.


Putting the Environment First

Highlighting Wesmont is important to us because they are fully embracing the new energy standards and BC Step Code. Like Centra, they don’t see it as a hindrance. It’s an opportunity, and a responsibility. Wesmont is trying to be a greener builder with the Step Code seen as standard, not as a fancy custom upgrade. In today’s world, where climate change and energy efficiency should always be top of mind, this makes them a great example for other companies to follow.

Wesmont’s commitment to the environment is one of the reasons they continue to work so closely with Centra. Getting the windows right is vital when building greener homes. You can’t really do it without them. If they allow for high levels of heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, other energy-efficient solutions literally go out the window. Wesmont uses Centra as a resource because they have confidence in our ability to prevent that, allowing them to deliver the best quality and year-round comfort to their customers.

We are currently working with Wesmont Homes on a new project. Ridgemont in Langley is a beautiful community of 50 single-family homes, coming fall 2021. To learn more about Wesmont, Ridgemont, and their other fantastic developments, visit their website.

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