How Important is Your Front Door?

Centra Estimator Brad from Vancouver, BC discusses what makes up a quality entry door and why you should take the time to choose and install a good one.Curb AppealThe first thing that catches your eye... Read More

By bpeeling - December 31, 2016
Category: Design
Craftsman home with a Centra Windows Codel entry door.

Condensation On Your Windows: What Does This Mean and What Should You Do?

Do you regularly see fog or condensation building up on your windows? You will need to analyze which kind of condensation you are dealing with because not all condensation is bad. Depending on where it... Read More

By bpeeling - November 30, 2016

5 Signs You Need New Windows

When was the last time you checked the condition of your windows? If your home has aluminum or wood framed windows, you may not even notice the problems they cause. Homes that are over 20 years old... Read More

By bpeeling - November 30, 2016
Category: Budgeting

Best Price VS Best Deal - know the difference

Your estate is most-likely the largest purchase you will ever make, so make sure you do your research and due diligence when the time comes for home renovations. It's important to know the difference... Read More

By Flavio - October 31, 2016
Category: Budgeting
Centra installers with happy Centra customer after new windows were installed.

A Beautiful Kitchen Pass-Through Window with Flawless Functionality

Often during the remodeling process customers know exactly what designs and products they want to incorporate into their home, but do not always know if it can be made or where to find it. At Centra we... Read More

By Flavio - August 31, 2016
Category: Design


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