Centra's Diversity in the Workplace #IWD2017

 If we were to ask you to picture the people leading the way in the construction and manufacturing industry what images come to mind?If you didn’t picture a diverse workforce of talented men AND... Read More

By bpeeling - March 31, 2017
Category: Events
Centra's Employee owners together for a group shot in Langley.

5 Tips for Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

Homeowners around the world are constantly looking for ways to make their home more energy-efficient. Not only is it a great way to cut down on your energy bill spending and overall living costs, but... Read More

By bpeeling - February 28, 2017
Category: Energy Savings

Case Study: How New Centra Windows meant Hydro Bill Savings for a Centra Customer

We recently replaced 17 new windows in a home in Victoria with our Centra windows. This customer relies on electric heating to keep their home warm. The only change the homeowner made to their home was... Read More

By bpeeling - February 28, 2017

What is U-Value and why is it important?

Have you ever wanted to know what makes a window U value what it is? This is Part 1 of a 2 part series on window U values.  Let’s first begin with understanding what a window U value actually... Read More

By bpeeling - February 28, 2017
Category: Window Geeks

New Year Renovations: Exterior and Yard

New Year Renovations: Exterior and YardWelcome to the finale of our three part blog series on New Year Renovation inspiration and ideas.In part one we covered Living Spaces and Bathrooms, and in part... Read More

By bpeeling - December 31, 2016
Category: Design
Centra Window Kelowna Single Family


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