Builders & Contractors

Centra has been a window manufacturer and window supplier for the single family and multi-family construction industry since 1996 and has been an exterior siding installer since the mid 80’s. Our services to builders and contractors are not just limited to supplying windows and installing siding. We provide services such as budget pricing, cost saving consultations and constructability methods for improvement. Please feel free to contact Anton Van Dyk for more information on these services.

Over the years our experience with the manufacturing of windows, installation of siding and building envelope restorations, we have been able to develop some new and innovative products. One of our featured products is our new Experience Series 2958/6858 Window line that incorporates a brick mould trim that can receive rainscreen cladding materials such as vinyl siding and fibre cement. This window has eliminated the need for exterior sealant around the window, wood trims that would require paint, and flashings. This window has eliminated items that can reduce initial construction costs as well as future building maintenance costs.

Have you heard about Centra's Experience Series window?

A finalist for a 2012 Georgie Award for Best Innovative Feature, this hybrid window eliminates the need for costly building and maintenance materials. Watch this video to learn how the Experience Series can benefit your project.


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