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We are not your window supplier, we are your window partner. We believe that every project can be optimized for your budget and performance needs. Four out of five engineers working in BC choose Centra Windows and our reputation for quality tested products, exceptional project management and service is setting a new industry standard.  

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Why is Centra the right decision? Ask our partners

Our team of Employee Owners partner with energy advisors, architects, engineers, contractors and developers on every project to ensure that the best possible options are considered. 

Employee Ownership makes us different because Owners care

From estimation and shop drawings to project management and manufacturing and shipping, Centra owners will be with you every step of the way. Your project is not just another job; it is an investment in our owner's future and that is why we care so much. We are proud of the work we do and always aim to provide you with the highest level of service and workmanship.

Trust Experience 

Centra has been a window manufacturer and window supplier for the single family and multi-family construction industry since 1996 and has been an exterior siding installer since the mid 80’s. Our services to builders and contractors are not just limited to supplying windows. We provide services such as budget pricing, cost savings and step-code consultations. We can do any size job and have the expertise and capacity to do large projects and custom homes. You can trust that your Centra experience is going to be a good one.

Our Product | Centra will add value to your next project

We have some unique, cost effective features that can save you time and money and will increase the performance of your windows. Our windows have the lowest cost for the best U-Value in the industry and we have custom solutions for your next project. We have the highest performance double glazed window in the market today and pride ourselves on being step-code consultants. Specialized coatings, optimized frames, proprietary technology, and a consultative approach ensure that we have the right window for your next project.  

Experience Series 2958/6858 Window | Reduced Construction Costs

This window incorporates a brick mould trim that can receive rain screen cladding materials such as vinyl siding and fibre cement. It saves valuable siding installation time and decreases maintenance costs over the life of the window. 

Window Design for Step Code | High Value & High Performance 

Our windows have the lowest cost for the best U-Value in the industry and we have custom solutions for your next project. We can help you design windows to meet your step code requirements.  Some believe that the only way to achieve the energy code is to use triple glazing in windows and that is not the case. We can show you how to achieve triple glazed performance out of double glazed windows. Contact us for a full breakdown of glass and frame options by u-value. 


Neat Glass | Reduced Maintenance Add Value For Your Customers 

Window glass designed to harness the power of the sun’s UV rays to create lower maintenance glass which is naturally cleaner than ordinary glass. The smooth surface disperses water evenly, removing dirt more quickly and reducing water spots. Your windows will stay cleaner longer and will clean easier.


State of the Art Window Test Booth | Performance Guaranty 

Centra has invested in the most sophisticated test booth in the industry. This in-house quality control ensures the highest level of performance for our builders. Our Test Booth tests for air, water and structural integrity and is the first fully automated test booth in Canada. 

Our New Construction Window Projects 

Stunning homes deserve stunning windows. We will work with you to design windows with your architectural details in mind. From a modern design to a west coast craftsman, we have the windows to compliment your vision and will assist you in enhancing the look and performance of your next project.   

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