Classic Slider 5200 / 5258 Patio Door

These energy efficient, high performance sliding patio doors are designed to provide the utmost levels of functionality, security and style. The dual-point locking system, track lock, steel reinforcement and optional security drop bar create the utmost level of security while never compromising design. Create a custom look for your home with exterior brickmold trim and paint options.

Premium Features

  • 100% Fusion-Welded Vinyl Frame and Sash Corners
  • Multi-Chamber Frames
  • Double Weatherstripping
  • Non-Obstructive Screen

Unique Features

  • Steel Positive Interlocks
  • Brass Rollers
  • Reinforced Steel Frame
  • Dual Security Drop Lock

Additional Options

  • Attached Brickmold Option (5258)
  • Security Drop Bar Option
  • Keyed Lock Option
  • Upgrade to the French Colonial Patio Slider

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