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As BC’s favourite window manufacturer and installer, Centra has worked with some fantastic local builders to deliver developments of outstanding quality, efficiency, and performance. We recently contributed to one such project and had the pleasure of working with the Ventana Construction Group, whose exceptional standards made them perfect partners.

Now the project is complete and they reached out to thank us for our contribution. Ventana Construction Group is a great builder, and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience with them. We look forward to doing so again.

To the Centra Team

With our project delivery here at UBC Lot 4 Mundell House nearly complete I wanted to pass along an appreciation email, and thanks to you and your team. Overall I think our trade team lead(s), did a good job keeping the site tidy and a very good job managing the COVID-19 safety requirements in keeping all of our workers safe. Our trade leads also did a great job working together as a group keeping a fun, safe, positive, fast paced site.

The President of UBC Properties Trust Aubrey Kelly, hosted a BBQ Monday July 13th, at our project to show it off to many of their team and conveyed his appreciation and pleasure with the way the project turned out. A huge part of that success is due to our trade teams. But we cannot build a building without components, so not forgotten is the important role that our suppliers play in the way that the project schedule unfolds.

I appreciate the way that Centra fulfilled their role as our principle (and high quality) exterior door and window supplier. Generally our windows, doors and components arrived on time, and when we had to deal with the odd change, damaged component, or minor hiccup, there was no drama at all, it was just taken care of professionally.

Jeramy was great as usual and was a big help as the installers navigated the placement of the various window types. Jason and the team coordinated the deliveries very well as he does every project and Anna, without a doubt, is probably one of the best customer service people around.

So thanks, I hope to work with you guys again, stay safe and please pass this note of appreciation along to the many members of your team that have participated here and behind the scenes.

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