Steps to measuring a window

The process of window measurement below is to help you determine a size for a pricing estimate only; a thorough professional remeasure will always be done before your product is actually made.

  1. Windows should always be measured by the Width first, and Height second (this is also how your measurements will be entered into our visualizer for quoting).
  2. To find out your window width, measure horizontally from drywall to drywall across the window.
  3. To determine the height, measure from the drywall at the top, down to the window sill at the bottom, and for Patio Doors measure the height from the ground to where the frame ends.

TIP When configuring your windows remember, it will always be viewed as if from the outside of your home

What to expect during re-measure

One you’ve obtained a quote and have decided to move forward with your custom Centra windows, the next step is to have one of our friendly professional service technicians come out to your home to perform what we call a "re-measure".

Not that we don’t think you are able to measure correctly, but you know the saying about measuring twice and cutting once? We think it’s kind of a good idea! Here’s what you can expect on that visit:

  1. A professional uniformed service technician (who is also an experienced window installer!) will arrive at your home at a time that is convenient for you to determine the exact sizes required for the windows to perfectly fit your home.
  2. He will introduce himself, and then give you a brief overview of the process.
  3. Our technician will walk through your home to review and measure the windows; then our technician will verify the window dimensions, configurations, and directions of opening are correct. If anything has changed, our technician will review this with you and update your order before sending your windows into production.
  4. While they are measuring, they will also be reviewing your chosen method of installation with you. Method is based on a variety of factors such as your siding type, etc. – if the method chosen does not match the profile of your home, they will discuss the best options for you.
  5. The technician will verify that all of the Centra windows ordered follow the required BC Building Code, such as special locations requiring safety glass, egress/fire escape issues, etc.
  6. Once the actual remeasure is complete, they will determine how many people will be required for your installation, how long the installation will take, and will facilitate booking your installation dates
  7. Finally your technician will prepare you by letting you know what may need to be done prior to your installation date, such as pets, moving furniture, blinds, etc.

PS - on your remeasure date, prior to your technician’s arrival please have your blinds open and access to the windows available. Don’t worry – your furniture doesn’t need to be removed, we just need enough room to be able to reach and measure the windows.

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