Are you an Architect, Engineer, Builder, Contractor, or a Strata or Property Manager looking to do a restorations project to your multi-family or commercial property? Are you a homeowner looking to do restorations to your single family home? Centra Restorations has a wide range of experience with building envelope remediation projects from single family homes into the multi-million dollar category and can accommodate all home restoration projects small and large. To view Centra Restorations prior projects please visit our feature jobs map. With over 25 years of service contracting experience, Centra Restorations is your established, employee-owned company. Home restoration services, building remedial services, building envelope remediation are available to most areas of British Columbia including Vancouver. Markets served include wood-frame and concrete residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

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Our Qualifications

  • Licensed Building Envelope Renovation with Homeowner Protection Office
  • CGL insurance (including water ingress) and warranty programs through AON, National Home Warranty and Travellers Home Warranty
  • Centra’s core group of Site Supervisors and Installers are home restoration specialists, many are also company shareholders
  • Centra’s (COR) Certificate of Recognition, certified auditor ensures Centra’s safety procedures and protocols exceed industry standards and are being constantly maintained and recorded
  • Manufacturing component of Centra Windows and Doors provides quality control and quick delivery times that can be essential for home restoration projects
  • Centra Exteriors Ltd, Centra’s cladding partner, specializes in flashing, peel and stick membranes, rainscreen systems, Ceraclad, Hardie, wood, metal and vinyl siding, and is one of the largest cladding application companies in the greater Vancouver area; with over 150 applicators on various new construction and home restoration sites.

Commitment To Environmental Sustainability

All Centra companies are committed to environmental sustainability including recycling production and construction waste materials whenever possible. In 2008 alone, Centra recycled over 18 truck-loads of waste materials otherwise headed for landfills in BC.

Centra’s ecoSMART™ Windows are a step above Energy Star labelling, with Low E3 ecoSMART™ glass, ecoSMART™ windows are manufactured using environmentally friendly methods. Raw materials are purchased within Canada when possible supporting the Canadian economy and all windows are manufactured in Centra’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Langley, BC.

100% quality control measures ensure consistently high product quality. Centra’s ecoSMART™ Windows are your assurance that any service requirements you may have in the future will be responded to within two business days by the company who makes and distributes your windows. You will never have to chase around between separate window warranties offered by manufacturers and distributors.

Centra Windows has long been recognized as an energy conservation industry leader and was nominated for BC Hydro Power Smart 2008 Awards of Excellence in the category of workplace conservation leadership.

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