Watch this step by step guide on how to remove and clean tracks and frames:

To remove track:

  • Use your fingers to pull the track back towards you starting on one end and moving towards the other

To remove frame:

  • Fully open the window all the way past the top header bump; this bump is for security purposes and ensures the window cannot be opened from the outside
  • Use both hands to get a firm grip, push up and carefully pull the bottom out

To clean:

  • Use mild soap and water
  • Clear any holes as they are there to drain any water

To reinstall parts:

  • To reinstall the track, push the edge towards you in first and then push down from one end to the other
  • To reinstall the frame, get a good grip and lift the window up past header bump and slowly lower the bottom into place
  • The window should slide freely if it is in the correct position
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