When you need to install a Patio Door Screen, follow these few simple steps for easy installation:

Installing the Patio Door screen into the frame

  • Slide the screen into the track at the top of patio door frame
  • Rest bottom of screen on the frame of the patio door
  • To install the bottom of the screen into the frame, carefully insert a putty knife at the bottom of the screen to depress the wheels one side at a time, and the screen will snap into place easily

Adjusting the wheels to lift the screen into the proper position

  • Using a Robertson Screwdriver adjust the screws at the bottom of both the front and back of the screen (tighten to lower the wheels, or loosen to raise the wheels)
  • Make sure that the sight line is level with the Patio Door frame
  • Tighten the screws at the top of the Patio Door to hold the screen in place. This will prevent the screen door from bouncing when you open and close it
  • Be sure to test the Screen Door to make sure it is operating correctly by sliding it back and forth a few times

Tips and Tricks

  • If you find your Patio Door is rubbing on the frame, adjust the wheels by adjusting the screw at the bottom of the door
  • Tighten to raise up, loosen to move down

Tools Required:

  • Putty knife
  • Robertson Screwdriver
  • Level
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