If you need to remove the Screen from the Window Frame, follow these few simple steps:

The screen on an Awning Window is designed to slide down for you to be able to open your Window, and then slide back up into place.

  • To remove screen carefully slide a putty knife in the side of Window Track going up from the bottom, until you depress the spring that is holding the Window Screen in place. You can then pop the bottom of the screen out of the Window Frame.
  • Continue up that same side with the putty knife until you depress the upper spring. This will allow you to pop the rest of the screen from the Window track.

Reinstalling the Window Screen can be done by going through the steps above in reverse:

  • Insert the side without the springs into the Window Frame
  • Use the putty knife to depress the upper spring while sliding the top of the Window Screen back into place
  • Carefully slide the putty knife down the edge of the screen until you are pushing on the spring at the bottom, then the Window Screen will pop right back into place

Tools Required:

  • Putty knife
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