Centra CaresCentra Cares Home Renovation Winner Gets a Beautiful Paint Job!

Each year Centra gifts and installs a whole home's worth of windows to a family in need, but this year our winners had an extra surprise!

Becky Dineson was very much in need of new windows. She also wasn’t happy with the old paint job on her house, but with other renovations to worry about, that was way down the priority list. Centra reached out to some of our contacts, and the fantastic Cutting Edge Custom Painting Inc agreed to give the Dineson family home a fresh new look for free!

A Stunning Transformation

Business owner Jay worked with Becky to come up with a colour scheme that would complement her new windows and front door, replacing the unfinished, decades-old two-tone pink paint job that had been done prior to the family moving in with a brand new one that looked amazing in the summer sun on install day.

Jay, whose company has also donated their time to other charity projects, even got Cloverdale Paint to supply the paint for free! Centra would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Jay, his tremendous workers, and Cloverdale Paint!

If you’re looking to paint your own home, choose a local company that cares. Reach out to Cutting Edge Custom Painting at 604 802 1309.

Stay tuned for more from our latest Centra Cares Home Renovation project!

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