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Announcing the Winner of our 5th Annual Home Renovation Contest!

Centra Cares

Announcing the Winner of our 5th Annual Home Renovation Contest!

It has taken many rounds of deliberation, but now we’re very pleased to announce that Becky Dineson from Delta BC is the winner of our 5th annual Centra Cares Home Renovation Contest and a whole home worth of new windows!

Becky Dineson and her three children haven’t had it easy, and things have only gotten worse since the pandemic began. Becky’s eldest daughter has been diagnosed with cancer, and her youngest daughter has developed tremors but the cause remains unknown. Everything has taken longer than usual due to the pandemic, and Becky now finds herself spending a lot of time at the hospital.

Her home is in need of major renovations, and the windows are in particularly bad shape. Drafts run through the house, and when it gets cold she doesn’t turn on the heat until she has put plastic over the windows. Some of the windows even rattle enough to keep them awake, which is bad for her children as they need as much rest as they can get. The state of her windows has resulted in a high degree of discomfort for the entire family for nearly two decades.

Becky is divorced, but her brother-in-law continued to help her fix up her house to try and make it a comfortable home for her and her family. Unfortunately, he passed away from a heart attack at the start of the pandemic, and Becky lost one of her main sources of support.

Centra Cares Home Renovation 2022

We received over 290 nominations from around BC and would like to thank everyone who submitted a nomination, as well as all of our fantastic nominees. As always, the stories have been both heartbreaking and inspiring. We’ve seen the struggles people have faced, but also their strength, resiliency, and perseverance, as well as the love their friends and family hold for them. It makes us more proud than ever to be part of such amazing communities. We have been blessed to be able to offer windows to a number of families around BC through this contest for the past 6 years. Learn more about last year’s winner.

Windows Truly Make a Difference

Old, outdated windows can have a huge impact on home comfort and be an extra worry on top of the other issues life throws your way. Modern window technology, on the other hand, provide much-needed health, safety, and energy-saving improvements, and offer so much more than just an aesthetic upgrade. They keep the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer and save families on their energy bills. We saw that for Becky new windows would make a great difference, which is why she’s such a worthy winner of the Centra Cares Home Renovation Contest. Congratulations Becky!

Written by: Les Ferris , April 27, 2022
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