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Energy Savings

The Future of Home Renovations

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Energy Savings

The Future of Home Renovations

Energy Savings

5 Tips to Make a Home Energy Efficient

House Too Hot? Time for New Windows.

Energy Savings

Our summers are getting warmer every year, and even spring and fall can see borderline unbearable temperatures. Home comfort plummets, and people are left asking: what’s the sustainable, long-term solution? The answer? New high-efficiency windows.

The Science

When it comes to old, single-pane windows, you’d be better off just having a giant hole in the wall. They can essentially cause a greenhouse effect, letting in all the sun’s heat and offering zero in the way of protection from UV. Thankfully, window technology has come a very long way. Special coatings, extra panes, and multi-chamber vinyl frames all prevent your home from overheating. Take a look below to see the tremendous difference that LoE glass coatings alone can make. From left to right we see normal, uncoated glass, all the way through to Centra's most efficient option

The Downsides of A/C

Air conditioning can be a good band-aid solution – but it’s also awful for the environment and far from a one-and-done investment. These units take a lot of energy to run, raising your energy bills substantially over time, and have other damaging downsides to boot. The hotter and longer our summers get, the more A/C we use, and the more we spend year-on-year. This isn’t sustainable, in any sense of the word. Heat pumps (which also cool) are a more efficient way to stay comfortable, and better still would be a combination of heat pumps and window replacement!

Bang for Your Buck

While window replacement may seem like a bigger initial investment than A/C, it’s the smarter choice as it saves you money over time and can add value to your property. Potential buyers can try and knock the price down if renovations are required, and having to replace old windows will be an obvious issue they’re likely to raise. What’s more, newer windows aren’t just great for summer – the same technology that keeps you cool when the weather is at its warmest also works in reverse in the winter. They massively cut down on heating costs and prevent cold drafts. It’s nothing but wins with new windows!

You don’t have to endure another sweltering summer or extortionate energy bills. Upgrade to high-performance windows and make your home a cool, comfortable haven!

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Written by: Les Ferris , June 5, 2023
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