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Centra Windows Alberta announces new Vice President

Greg Martineau Projects joins the Centra Windows Family!

In The News

Centra Windows is very pleased to announce that Greg Martineau Projects Inc. has joined the Centra family! Greg Martineau has built a stellar reputation over many years in Alberta. By becoming part of Centra Windows, he ensures his legacy is in the most capable hands.

Greg Martineau and his team have become leaders in the field of residential and commercial renovations in Calgary, including on large multifamily buildings and high-rises. Centra manufactures, installs, and supplies the highest-quality vinyl and hybrid windows, but we aren’t content to solely serve the small-scale residential market. With the capabilities of Greg and his team, Centra will be pushing the (building) envelope when it comes to multifamily projects across the province.

We sat down for a chat with Greg to find out why now was the right time for such a bold move, and why Centra Windows was the right choice in his eyes…

What’s your proudest accomplishment with Greg Martineau Projects Inc.?

I wanted to ensure my company established itself in the Calgary market as deep as it could go. Our vision was to be Calgary’s most trusted choice for renovations. That’s when we were a company that strictly did residential homes – now we’re doing multi-family and high-rises. We made that vision a reality. Wherever we go, wherever we mention the Greg Martineau Projects name, someone is familiar with us. That’s my greatest accomplishment – getting the company to where I wanted it, and still having a great name and reputation after 28 years.

Why is it you do what you do, and what do you love the most about it?

Even before I was out of high school, I worked part-time in the construction industry. I got to work outside, and I loved that as a guy at 18. I realized I loved creating things with construction – things you can see and touch and feel. That was really important to me. It’s a fantastic feeling, especially when it was a good job – and we did a very good job. Seeing the difference and the owner’s appreciation and them wanting to share it with others always made me proud of what I was doing.

Why is now the right time to take this big step for Greg Martineau Projects?

I’m 68 years old. Covid and many other major events have changed the risk factor. The industry has seen procurement issues and projects grinding to a halt. I always prided myself on having very low employee turnover. In 2022, I had one of my top people resign, and it came as a huge shock! He felt he could see the writing on the wall. “This Old guy is on his way out. What’s my future? I have a two-year-old and a four-year-old.” That woke me up. I was at an age and a stage in my business life where I needed to reassure my staff that they’ll have employment and security long into the future. I needed to assure them of a soft landing. I owed them that.

With this move, I don’t feel like I’ve joined with just another company – joining the Centra family met all my goals, and I think it’s met Centra’s too. I find the entire Centra team to be dynamic, visionary, and most importantly – ethical. Greg Martineau Projects becoming part of Centra allows me to evolve into retirement with dignity.

Why was Centra Windows the right choice in your eyes, and how does it solidify your legacy?   

I believe the growth potential is great. There was a huge boom of high-rise buildings in Calgary in the 80’s and 90’s, and these buildings are coming of age. The owners are under pressure to change out the parts that are losing the most energy – that’s windows. Building owners today are so much more knowledgeable of green initiatives. They understand the benefits of triple pane glass, the benefits of LoE coatings, and the benefits of a superior seal with a frame – the benefits of a lower carbon footprint.

We’ve spent a lot of time and money positioning ourselves in Calgary’s multi-family window replacement industry. No competitor does it better than us. Centra wants to hit the ground running, and we are running. I want that advantage to go to the company my people will remain at – they are the runners that got me here, after all. At Centra, I see nothing but potential through and through for them. Centra allows us to be vertically integrated, they allow us to have uncapped bonding capacity, and they offer my employees a fantastic ownership package. They have an excellent reputation, and Greg Martineau Projects has an excellent reputation. That combination, which is rare and hard to find, should make for an easy transition.

You decided to stick around with Centra. What are you hoping to see happen during your time with the company, and what are you excited to embark on with alongside Centra in the Alberta market? 

I never really planned on leaving. There’s a side of me that says, “Greg, build your company so you don’t have to be there and just take the cheque home.” Going into the side of multi-family and high-rises, I found I had to keep my eye on the ball. I know that if we’d made one mistake, it would cost us millions of dollars. And in general, I like being part of it. I want to be there all the time. It’s exciting, and I see the potential and the growth. Being part of Centra allows that growth to accelerate in a big way. We can bid on a lot more jobs, which we couldn’t do before because of bond capacity. Being with Centra, we no longer have to worry about that limit and the growth potential is unleashed. I’m very happy to be sticking around for the next couple of years with Centra.

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Written by: Les Ferris , May 26, 2023
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