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Centra Windows Acquires Supreme Windows Calgary!

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Special Announcement: The Window Geeks are now in Calgary!

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The Window Geeks are excited to share some big news: Centra has acquired Supreme Windows of Calgary!

We bring up the pandemic a fair amount and we probably sound like a broken record by now, but there’s no denying it has been difficult. Shockwaves were felt throughout the industry, and we’ve seen huge supply chain issues coupled with a major rise in demand.

Despite times being tough we’ve proven our resilience, and we have also persevered to achieve the biggest milestone in Centra history. Through our acquisition of premium window manufacturer Supreme Windows, we are now the number one window manufacturer in Western Canada!

Both Centra and Supreme have developed stellar reputations as manufacturers and installers of windows over the past 40+ years. We’re excited to combine our Window Geek forces to offer even better products, logistics, and service.

We understand that when the industry is affected by pandemic-related issues, so are customers. We want to ensure that we are 100% able to fulfill our promises to you. We’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes, and our acquisition of Supreme Windows helps in a big way and puts us in a very strong position.

What this acquisition means to you as a partner & customer of Centra Windows

Increased capacity to fulfill your orders

Supreme boosts our capabilities immensely. This will be Centra’s 5th location, but also our 2nd manufacturing plant, which even includes its very own glass line! As we grow, we will have more capacity to fulfill orders which will mean shorter lead times for our customers.

More distribution channels

We will still continue to make BC windows for BC and Alberta windows for Alberta, but this acquisition offers increased logistic and distribution routes for the company as a whole. If there are unexpected disruptions, as we saw last year with the flooding, Centra is now far better positioned to weather the storm. We also have clients operating out of Alberta that we will be able to serve far more easily.

Resilience to supply chain disruptions

Acquiring another manufacturing facility means Centra will have far better resilience to supply chain disruptions, thanks to greatly increased purchasing power and our new manufacturing facility being in a different geographic location.

More Geeks!

We’re welcoming the Supreme team to the Centra family! Supreme have run a very profitable and successful window manufacturing plant for over 50 years, built up a great reputation, and become experts in the unique needs of the Alberta marketplace. More Geeks in the family to support with research & development is going to be great for the industry!

If you have an upcoming project, the Window Geeks stand ready to help in both BC and Alberta. Reach out today at, or give us a call at 1-888-534-3333. You can also become a Window Geek yourself by signing up for our biweekly newsletter and following Centra Windows on LinkedIn.

Written by: Les Ferris , May 2, 2022
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