Centra's Diversity in the Workplace #IWD2017

Centra's Employee owners together for a group shot in Langley.

international women's day 2017


If we were to ask you to picture the people leading the way in the construction and manufacturing industry what images come to mind?

If you didn’t picture a diverse workforce of talented men AND women with at least a few dozen unique and challenging professional career paths – you wouldn’t be thinking about Centra.

Centra women in the workplace. Working within our shipping department.

This year for International Women’s Day one theme is #EqualityMatters – Something we already know here at Centra. From the manufacturing of our product to quality control, sales, customer service, project management and executive leadership you’ll find women holding key roles to our success. What we’ve learned in over 30 years of business is that we are better off when we work together and that the right people for the job are the ones who have the right attitude, shared core values and the skills to do the best job possible.

While we know there are ways to improve, especially in our industry, we know that when we say #EqualityMatters on International Women’s Day it’s something we also practice at the start of every morning here at Centra and we are trying to get the message out “There are opportunities here for anyone with the right attitude and willingness to learn”. Other businesses and independent studies are getting the message too: Equality is good for business. “Organizations with 30% female leaders could add up to 6 percentage points to its net profit margin” – a 2016 study by the Pearson Institute for International Economics.

Women in the workplace are good for democracy and improve negotiations resulting in stronger businesses; which is good for the economy and families. Whenever we can make changes for happier and healthier communities, encourage local businesses to thrive and encourage inclusive environments; those are the choices we can all feel good about making.


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