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PNE Prize Home Centra Windows and CTV Vancouver

Our latest conversation alongside CTV Vancouver dives into the balance between window form and function. These design features can be incorporated into any upcoming project, whether it is a building or single family home. Windows are very much an architectural feature of a home. They will contribute to the style of the exterior and create a feeling within the home. We explore these topics while visiting the PNE Prize Home. The PNE Prize Home installed Centra windows that focus on home comfort and efficiency, allowing for optimal temperature control and enhanced functionality.

A lot of home designers talk about the balance between form and function.  What is the key to understand this idea?

Windows for example are very much an architectural feature of a home. They will contribute to the style of the exterior and create a feeling within the home, all while keeping the exterior elements out.  One example you will see on the PNE prize homes windows is balance and symmetry.  The large windows are equipped with structural frame components which are designed as architectural features.

What are key design concepts that a person should consider if planning a new home or looking to renovate their existing home?

The first step is to understand what type of architecture your home has.  Common types in British Columba are Traditional, West Coast Contemporary and Modern.  Each type of Architecture will have a unique window design. On the PNE Prize home you will see large areas of glass, which is common in Modern Architecture. This design is popular in B.C. as we like to take advantage of the views and welcome in as much daylight as possible. 

If a person were to ask what specific window features should they consider for their home what would you recommend?

We like to break this down into two categories. How you want your window to look and what it’s like to look through your window. 

For how a window looks, you want to consider the balance and location of the frames, along with the colour of the frames.  Exterior Black frames are the latest trend and they’re here to stay. With advanced coating technologies, windows can be available in any colour you choose. 

Second is about the feeling windows create as you look through it.  So thinking about the sight lines as you stand or sit in certain locations of a room. We also know how frustrating dirty windows can be and these windows have a very unique bit of technology on them.  The outside surface of glass has special coating on it which makes the glass super slippery. This reduces the amount of water droplets on the glass and with less water droplets you reduce water spots. We call this technology NEAT Glass.

What is the first step that a person can do to help navigate through all these design options?

The first thing you want to do is discover what type of architecture you connect with.  Everyone has a preference whether you know it or not, so searching for inspiration is always a good first step.  Everything else will follow, especially if you have the right team.



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